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Hi, I’m Cristina— an emotional wellness, trauma-informed, holistic coach blending science and spirituality for deep-rooted healing. 

I am here to help you let go of over-functioning and toxic productivity. So you can feel more enjoyment and peace. 

Time waits for no one, or so the saying goes.
But... what if it does?


What if there is enough time to do and be all that we’re meant to 

if only we allow ourselves the grace to pause? 


In the relentless pursuit of perpetual motion, many of us have lost touch with the transformative power of rest. We’ve been conditioned to see moments of pause and stillness as time wasted. Time lost. 

But taking moments to breathe deeply, to reflect, to do nothing at all is not a concession to time. It is a harmonious dance with it. 


When we embrace intentional pauses, we don't just enrich the quality of our present. We also lay the foundation for a future that aligns more authentically with our truest desires. 


When we stop resisting time, we start navigating it with wisdom—with a profound appreciation for the nuanced cadence of life itself. We find flow, ease, and belonging in the present moment. We find purpose. We find ourselves. 

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My mission is to help my clients fall in love with who they are.

if you’re anything like the people I work with:

You’re a doer, thinker, and question-asker—and you still struggle to feel at peace with yourself and the world. You want deeper self-awareness and clarity into life’s big questions. 


You value excellence—and you feel enormous pressure to constantly improve, perform, and meet your own standards. You’re trying to be the best at everything, for everyone, all of the time. You want to feel at peace with where you are right now.

You’re years into your personal development journey—but you still have questions. You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, and talked to the “experts.” Yet you
sense there is still more work to be done–and you’re ready to try alternative methods. You want a proven path forward. 

You built some of the life you thought you wanted—but now you just feel stressed out, burned out, and left out of the good times everyone else seems to be enjoying. The days can fly by in a blur, and you’re at times not happy with what you have to show for them. You want to live with more ease, intention, and fulfillment.

Sound familiar? If so, there is nothing wrong with you. These are common symptoms in a fast-paced world that prioritizes productivity over purpose.

I’ll guide you to a place where you can:  

Integrate your ponderings and learnings into a better everyday—by understanding the intricate interplay between your mind, body, spirit, and environment. So you can slide into strategic alignment. 

See the whole spectrum of experience—by refr
aming ingrained assumptions and narratives through a guided process of introspective questioning. So you can integrate belief systems and ways of relating to yourself that nurture your brilliance. 

Arrive at a place where "yet more healing" stops being attractive—by easing into guided explorations of your senses, values, and personal growth in a judgement-free environment. So you can do without your shield and surrender to your inevitable flourishing. 

Find purpose and peace in the present—by saying goodbye to coping mechanisms that hurt more than they help. And tuning into the power of ever present organic intelligence, deep rest, and somatic exercises to infuse your being with a sense of safety. 

Cristina is one of the most sincere, caring, warm-hearted people I know. Yet in addition to being genuinely kind, she is also extraordinarily insightful and practical!"

Pema Dragpa, NY

Move past feelings of burnout and overwhelm.
Rediscover your peace and purpose.

I guide sessions that are rigorously backed by the latest scientific research on mental health and wellbeing. I have a spiritually inspiring approach that incorporates best practices from buddhism, non-duality, trauma-recovery, neuroscience, and well tested practices that work. I guide clients towards integrating the needed inner work with the needed inner rest. 

I have spent much of my time in the last 23 years studying and practicing mindfulness and contemplative meditation, as well as modern forms of self-inquiry like The Work of Byron Katie and Psychotherapy.

Originally from Puerto Rico, I studied in Stanford University and the University of London, lived in Asia for a few years, and currently live between Vienna and San Juan. 

As for credentials:


  • Degree in Psychotherapy (APG Vienna, in progress)

  • Masters in Buddhist Studies (SOAS, University of London)

  • Masters in Literature (Stanford University, California)

  • BA in Communications (University of Puerto Rico)

  • End of Trauma Course at Organic Intelligence Institute with Steve Hoskinson

  • Certified Yoga Teacher


  • Trained Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie and volunteer at The Work Helpline

  • 12 years supporting people recovering from addiction and chronic stress

  • 23 years of regular experience in meditation in buddhist and other contemplative traditions

  • Volunteer End-of-Life Doula at Hospice Divina Presencia, Puerto Rico

Fun Facts:

  • Worked for 10 years at the United Nations in the Climate Change Department of UNIDO (Vienna, Austria)

  • Was the editor of Noctambulo Magazine in Puerto Rico...a super hip alternative magazine in the 2010s.

  • Spent 2 years rolling burritos in Taco Bell during my study years (not to be understated as a great learning of how to craft something layer at a time :).

  • Kitesurfing is my wellness secret weapon.

  • In the rare case that you are wondering: My sun sign is Aquarius. Though I don't take it as factual science, I rejoice in the poetry and fun of astrology.

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