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Interdisciplinary coaching that blends science & spirituality for inquisitive (and sometimes skeptical) souls 

No esoteric woo-woo stuff. Just the right support to guide you back to yourself. So you can reroot in the present moment and reclaim your zen.

✓ Reveal the rhythm and answers unique to you
✓ Move past feelings of overwhelm and burnout
✓ Rediscover your personal worth, peace, and purpose


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Are you moving so fast you’ve lost sight of your destination?

Most of us put immense pressure on ourselves to be a few steps further than where our feet are planted now. This leaves us feeling stressed out, exhausted, and inadequate. It sends our nervous systems haywire. And it causes us to miss meaningful moments happening in the here & now.

In a fast-paced world that rejects rest, it’s more than normal that you may have found yourself: 


☹ Striving to prove your worth through accomplishments

☹ Making choices that don't align with your values 

☹ Falling short of the potential you know you carry within you 

☹ Self-soothing with coping mechanisms that hurt more than heal 

☹ Sacrificing your needs and abandoning your true desires to meet external expectations

☹ “Living” with chronic fatigue, stress, and burnout that makes it harder to take care of yourself or enjoy the things you used to love 

If that sounds familiar….  You can stop white-knuckling life now

Sometimes, the most healing thing you can do is stop trying so hard to heal. Safety is found in stillness, reflection, and rest. Aligned action sprouts only from the seeds of stability.

Benefit from an interdisciplinary approach that merges science and soul. 

I combine trauma-informed evidence-base methods with spiritual wisdom that has healed wounded souls for centuries:

Integral Coaching

Shows you how the pieces fit together

Witness the intricate interplay between your mind, body, spirit, and environment to unravel the collective impact on your well-being. Find practices to address your wellbeing holistically.

Embrace surrender for what life presents you that’s beyond your control. Learn to flow with the rhythm of life.

Integral coaching is a holistic approach to personal development that considers multiple dimensions of an individual's life, including cognitive, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual aspects. It helps clients in identify what interventions will be most beneficial by addressing the interconnectedness of these dimensions and fostering self-awareness, growth, and transformation.

The Work of Byron Katie

Teaches you how to fall in love with the truth of who you are

The Work is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that involves questioning the thoughts that cause suffering. It consists of four questions and what she calls "turnarounds," which are ways to explore alternative perspectives to a troubling belief.

You will quiet critical inner dialogues and harsh self-judgments hindering your growth.

“I don't let go of my thoughts, I question them, and they let go of me”, Byron Katie

Organic Intelligence®

Taps into your system's natural ability to heal

OI's work "is a reminder that the most natural thing is that we heal. We heal — personally and professionally — not by dredging up the past, not through “the window of tolerance,” nor pain. We heal in the here-and-now, through attuned relationship, support and kindness.


When our biology enters the phase of auto-organization, symptoms are relieved, self-efficacy emerges, and one’s post-trauma growth journey takes wings. By learning this new language of biological re-organization, we catalyze the only sensible healing intelligence — that which arises from within our very nature, that which has always been there." (S.Hoskinson)


Roots you in the present so you can flourish in the modern world

Access the type of meditation that happens when you stop trying to meditate. 

Learn the enjoyment in non-doing in a sort of brain holiday.


The sessions incorporate prompts, guided non-sleep deep rest practices, and other entry points and orientations to access the simple contentment of just not doing all that much. 

1:1 Holistic Coaching Sessions

Process the questions, ruminations, and behavior patterns dragging you down to the depths of overwhelm so you can slide into a more peaceful  and expanded way of being. In hour-long sessions that make space for every aspect of your being, you’ll cultivate your own personal zen—healing your wounds gently and with the necessary support.

The goal is not to reach an arbitrary definition of “healed” or “self-actualized.”Instead, we’ll explore insights and practices across traditions—biology, cognitive science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, spirituality and more—to increase your power to be with what is happening now and shift into what could be. So you can move from a state of agitation to peace. And from suffering to deep, lasting harmony. 


Organic Intelligence ®

The Work of Byron Katie

Attuned trauma-safe somatic support

Integral Coaching

Deep-rest-non-sleep practices


60 MIN Virtual Appointment



UNFOLD: Personalized 3-month peace protocol  

The work doesn’t have to be hard to work. Recover from feelings of burnout, chronic stress, and generalized overwhelm with a spiritually-inspired and integrative approach to healing.

Over the next 3 months, you’ll cultivate calm in a fast-paced world through consistent self-inquiry, emotional co-regulation, and comfortable moments of silence that heal without the effort of words (just like the ones you experience with an old, loving friend).  

This program was designed to prevent you from losing yourself in the muddy waters of conflicting information or carrying the weight of an additional role: that of teacher and student. Instead, stroll with me down a time-tested path through the self that’ll lead you to a more peaceful and present now. 


  • Soothe work-related stress while building routines and habits that serve you 


  • Resolve emotional imbalances and/or gently process traumas impacting your daily life


  • Deepen your spirituality and connection to something bigger while integrating proven scientific perspectives 


  • Calm feelings of agitation, overwhelm, sleeplessness, worry, and anxiety 


  • Unlock profound levels of self awareness and live according to your perfect rhythm 


Organic Intelligence ®

The Work of Byron Katie

Attuned trauma-safe somatic support

Integral Coaching

Deep-rest-non-sleep practices


70 MIN Virtual Appointment

On-demand support via text and voice messages 

Weekly Personalized brief exercises for mental clarity and emotional balance 

Curated readings & resources


$500 /per month for 3 months

30-Days of Guided Rest

Gently integrate rest & recovery practices into your daily life with this donation-based program of 30 days of guided short practices delivered by email or instant messaging.


Receive a voice message of about 8 minutes per day so you can drop into a slower pace of living, quiet the noise, and make calmness a stable feature of your being.

Every path to inner peace is unique 

Together, we’ll chart a personalized path forward according to your needs and co-create systems of safety to support your journey. 

Start Small

Slip into 15 minutes of deep rest with this free step-by-step guide

Move past feelings of burnout and overwhelm.
Rediscover your peace and purpose.

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