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Questions and Answers

How much does a session cost? 

70 EUR per 60 min session (There is a 1 rotating scholarship space, please ask if that would be helpful to you)

Where do we meet?


We meet online. If you are in Austria or Puerto Rico we can also arrange to meet in person.


How long are the sessions? 


60 minutes


What happens in a session? 

A usual session starts with an initial conversation about where you are at, what is on your mind, and how you are feeling. We can talk things over regarding conflicting or harmonious perspectives that might be present.  I could then offer you a brief practice for accessing whatever level of ease and stillness is available on any given day (which varies from time to time for all of us). We would then dive into inquiry using The Work of Byron Katie and other contemplative entry points to insight. The last 10 minutes of the session would allow us to close the process with open sharing and simple orientations into the present moment. 


What are "The Work" and "The Rest"?


Two of my main guides, Byron Katie and John Butler, both refer to their path as "The Work". As I understand it, this is the part of the journey where we intentionally use our attention towards "finding freedom". Be it via inquiry, therapy, meditation, conscious movement or conversations, here we "do something about it". 


And that is good. 

And... in my experience, one of the best ways to integrate the insights of the actions we take is to then delve into deep rest -where our brains gets the chance to assimilate things and transform the new understandings into a tangible felt sense. That is why I include deep-rest practices as part of the sessions. Taking long walks in nature, letting our mind wander while sitting on a bench, floating in the ocean...these are also wonderful ways to give our systems time for integration. 

Finding the right balance between work and rest, effort and non-effort, activity and relaxation is what I call "Rhythmic Attunement"™.


Do I need to decide ahead of time what I am going to work on? 


No, you don't. You can bring some specific topics if you know what they are, but we can also decipher together what the best approach and process would be for you at this time.


What does an intentional lifestyle mean?

The term intentional lifestyle has been used in many different contexts from alternative community projects to schools of meditation, but for the purpose of my work with clients, an intentional lifestyle refers to a way of living that includes space and time for one's heartfelt, genuine endeavors, presence and contentment. It is about turning down the auto-pilot of rushing from one commitment to another and making sure that one is living according to one's values and aspirations.


It does include questioning some of the social norms that impinge upon our possibilities for living mindfully, getting to know what our genuine wishes for our time in this world are, and being willing to engage in a gradual process of rearranging habits so that authenticity and intentionality can manifest more naturally in our routines.



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