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A guided holistic expedition to uncover your wisdom and deep restfulness.

Crafted with immense love and meticulous attention, this program is an expedition designed to accompany you with the best tools for your journey to balance and growth.

UNFOLD is a comprehensive 3-month program carefully designed to accompany you in the ultimate journey to who you are.

In the midst of life's chaos, this workshop offers a sanctuary of tranquility. Imagine embarking on a transformative journey where all you need to do is show up, follow simple instructions, trust the process, and witness your life effortlessly transform. The idea that we need to work really hard to heal and grow is a paradigm that is gradually getting outdated - learn about the latest findings on how humans heal and grow and apply the wisdom available to move forward.

The journey starts by Analyzing Your Specific Situation and Giving You a Detailed Roadmap for What You Need

three pillars


Contemplative Inquiry

Delve into contemplative inquiry and Byron Katie's transformative Work to question stressful beliefs and find mental clarity. Over 3 months, we will do inquiry on the top 10 topics of your life. Get ready for some serious evolution!


Deep Rest Practices

By integrating deep rest into the fabric of this program, we honor the natural rhythm of transformation. Welcome to a program where transformation is not rushed but allowed to flourish, where deep rest is as crucial as active practices, and where your journey unfolds organically, just as it should.


Integral Coaching

Navigate life's complexities with integral coaching, blending evidence-based approaches with spiritual wisdom for holistic healing. Rooted in the wisdom of integral theory, the program honors the  multifaceted nature of our being. No overwhelming tasks or unrealistic goals. We focus on what you can realistically achieve, ensuring your journey to inner peace fits seamlessly into your everyday reality.

This program came about while meditating on the question: What constitutes the IDEAL program for healing, growth, and inner freedom? What elements would NEED to be there to ensure results? What would I have wished for when I started to look for a path to improved wellness?

For the past 25 years, I've devoted myself to continuous inner work. My journey has led me to learn from esteemed professionals and personal development experts, immersing myself both academically and experientially. I've participated in numerous retreats and workshops, enhancing my understanding. In my graduate studies focused on Buddhism and psychotherapy, I explored intricate maps of consciousness and theoretical frameworks. As a dedicated practitioner, I've had the privilege to study under wise mentors, reside in ashrams, and delve into diverse practices.

So I thought back, and set out identify and put together the common elements that made some of these offerings and teachings deeply transformative. These was the criteria I came up with:

It would have to take into account the complexities of my particular situation and not offer "one-size-fits-all" approaches. 

The service would absolutely need to integrate state-of-the-art, evidence-based approaches with well-threaded complete spiritual paths to awakening. It would have to be a harmonious blend between scientifically proven methods and the rich tapestry of ancient spiritual wisdom. It would have to be free of new-age esotericism and full of trauma-informed and cutting-edge approaches both to healing and spiritual growth. 

A very important component would be for a program to figure out exactly what I needed to do to gain maximum results so that I could simply follow the instructions, be guided, and trust the process without wasting endless hours compiling information, researching experts, juggling techniques, approaches and trying to put together different activities, exercises, workshops, meditations, and therapies to cover all the basics of my wellbeing while trying to stay on top of all my other responsibilities. 

And, the service would have to be trustworthy and designed to offer value and not to make the job easy for the guide.

the program

Weekly One-on-One Sessions

For a period of 12 weeks, we will work together weekly in 70 minute sessions exploring contemplative inquiry, deep rest, organic intelligence practices, and attuned support.


The sessions will be tailored to address both your unique needs and aspirations as well as your universal human nature. 

Curated inspirational material

A personalized collection of inspirational material tailored just for you. After all, you are hiring a literature studies graduate… Expect a brief thoughtfully prepared blend of poetry, fiction, enlightening spiritual talks, ancient wisdom, contemporary pop culture, and timeless classics. Brace yourself – I tend to go above and beyond with this, but it's a labor of love.

Weekly Support

Benefit from 20 minute additional text or audio messaging support, ensuring your queries are answered promptly, helping you seamlessly integrate newfound practices into your daily life.
This is also a way for a brief check-in regarding your process during the week. 

Safe Space

Experience a nurturing and supportive environment where you can explore your innermost thoughts, emotions, and fears. I work in a trauma-informed way and make sure that your system does not get overwhelm along the road. This program deeply honours all aspects of the human experience.

Deep Rest Practices

Immerse yourself in non-sleep deep rest practices allowing your mind and body to rejuvenate, fostering mental clarity and emotional balance. I will provide you with one weekly meditation to do at your own pace during the week. 

Graduation Roadmap

You will receive a personalized blueprint for you to continue your journey long after the program concludes. This will be a simple document with notes on what things had the most impact and suggested practices and non-practices to accompany you further on your path. 

It is a journey that embraces the power of inquiry, the integration of rest and the precision of integral maps

In this down-to-earth program, we cut through the complexity and get straight to what matters: your well-being.  It’s about making real, lasting changes that bring genuine peace and fulfilment into your everyday existence.


Welcome to a transformative journey designed just for you! 


This Program is: 

  • Gradually Unfolding: The three months are a gentle, gradual immersion into the depths of who you are. I will be there for your carefully crafted journey, allowing for profound self-discovery and sustainable growth.

  • Crafted with Love: This program is meticulously designed, encompassing everything I believe will be profoundly beneficial. It is priced thoughtfully, trying to keep a humane balance for both me and my clients.

This Program is NOT: 

  • A substitute for psychotherapy or mental health services: While I am sure of the positive impact this program can have on your mental health, I am not a licensed psychotherapist and cannot treat acute trauma or emotional distress. If you require specialized support, I can direct you to qualified professionals who can assist you more effectively. Once you are in competent hands, I am more than willing to collaborate as part of your wellness team. 

Program Duration: 3 Months

Investment: $1,500 USD for the entire program (can be divided in three payments)

(In recognition of the meaningful and challenging journey of recovery, a 15% discount is offered to individuals receiving regular addiction treatment from psychotherapists, psychiatrists, or attending weekly recovery groups. Reach out for further details.)


receive a free guide to daily rest

Indulge in 15 minutes of rest with this free guide.  

I send about one email a month, delivering handpicked updates, meaningful news, and soul-nourishing inspiration.



GET A 30 minute call
for FREE!

These are not marketing calls. They are a chance to connect and for you to get an experiential taste of the approach I use.  They include a brief guided inquiry, a short rest practice, and time to answer any questions you may have about the program. 

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