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The Work

“I don't let go of my thoughts, I question them, and they let go of me”, Byron Katie


The Work of Byron Katie is a contemporary form of Self-Inquiry.

It starts with identifying the situations and thoughts that are causing stress and suffering: by meeting those thoughts with awareness and kindness.

We then ask 4 simple questions and, in stillness, wait for the answers to show themselves. It is a simple path with radical results: its simplicity allows for the depths of the wisdom already present within to arise.


Inquiry as a spiritual exercise has been practiced by mystics all throughout time. The Zen Koans, Ramana Maharshi's meditation on "Who am I?, as well as The Cloud of Unknowing of Christian mystics all invite seekers to inquiry, to use open questions to move from reason to insight. Inquiry is about noticing the limits of the conceptual, thought filled mind convinced of its stories, and experiencing the presence and stillness that lay beyond it. 

Byron Katie has brought this practice to modern times with the simple method called The Work. Everything you need to learn it can be found freely under Most people do find the work is significantly deepened by going through the process with someone who can hold the space for inquiry. I am a trained facilitator of The Work and am happy to support you in this practice.


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