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I see private clients in 60 minutes sessions

60-min sessions are designed individually and may contain a combination of personal exchange and attunement, non-sleep deep rest practices, The Work of Byron Katie, and other orientations that support ease in daily life. One of the main intentions for the sessions is to find just the right pace and rhythm for your particular system to find its unique harmony - neither too little nor too much effort - just the right amount to move forward in your journey. 

A usual session starts with an initial conversation about where you are at, what is on your mind, and how you are feeling. We can talk things over regarding conflicting or harmonious perspectives that might be present.  I could then offer you a brief practice for accessing whatever level of ease and stillness is available on any given day (which varies from time to time for all of us). We would then dive into inquiry using The Work of Byron Katie and other contemplative entry points to insight. The last 10 minutes of the session would allow us to close the process with open sharing and simple orientations into the present moment. 

Some of the reasons clients start to work with me:

  • Having a sense of rushing through life and being in a regular "adrenalized" state and wanting to find a calmer lifestyle that has time for inspiring activities, projects, etc.;

  • As a support for the process of recovering from burnout;

  • As a support for recovery from various addictions such as drugs, alcohol, food, codependency, workaholism and activity addiction. The sessions work well in combination with 12 Steps Recovery programs;

  • Wanting to identify the thoughts that cause stress and suffering in your life and bring them to the light of inquiry - where they can lose their power over you;

  • Being overwhelmed by options, duties, activities and a content-filled life and wanting to simplify it and integrate genuine interests;

  • Wanting support in your process of healing from the chronic limbic loop of stress, worry and physical symptoms;

  • Feeling exhausted and stressed - tired but wired - and wanting to restore and recuperate;

  • Wanting to shift habits of rushing and multi-tasking;

  • Feeling overwhelmed by spiritual, meditative, and other self-development practices and wanting to find ease in the deepest inner journeys.

  • Wanting to deepen the habit of integrating deep rest, stillness and inspiration in daily life;

  • Being fed up with the rat race encouraged by limbic capitalism and wanting to find a different way of engaging with resources.

here are some of the approaches that inform my work

Wood Pencil and Notebook


The Path of inquiry



the path of



Dry Reeds


the path of simplicity

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