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I work with clients both in one hour one-on-one sessions as well as in group workshops. 

Some of the reasons clients start their work with me to shift to intentional living are:


  • Having a sense of rushing through life and being in a regular "adrenalized" state and wanting to find a calmer lifestyle that has time for inspiring activities, projects, etc.;


  • Being overwhelmed by options, duties, activities and a content-filled life and wanting to simplify it and integrate genuine interests; 


  • Feeling exhausted and stressed - tired but wired - and wanting to restore and recuperate;


  • Wanting to shift habits of rushing and multi-tasking;


  • Using them in combination with specialized help to support recovery from various addictions such as drug, alcohol, food, codependency and, especially, workaholism and activity addiction.


  • Feeling overwhelmed by spiritual, meditative, and other self-development practices and wanting to find ease in the deepest inner journeys.


  • Wanting to deepen the habit of integrating deep rest, stillness and inspiration in daily life; 


  • Being fed up with the rat race encouraged by limbic capitalism and wanting to find a different way of engaging with resources.


One-on-one sessions are to gradually integrate ways to live a balanced fulfilling lifestyle. Sessions go in-depth into your own particular situation and assist in finding paths to support you to live your highest aspirations. 

60-min sessions are designed individually and may contain a combination of personal counseling, niksen practices, The Work inquiry, and other orientations that support ease into daily life.

All of the practices support each other directly and all of them can be the beginning, the middle or the end of the process

Although my work with clients focuses on helping them create a meaningful way to live, sessions are in-depth explorations, not only of daily routines and time management (although we do get to that), but more importantly, of the ways that our psyches and bodies interact and relate to our sense of being with ourselves, with others and with our environment. We walk towards a meaningful way of living by addressing both the daily habits of our thoughts, bodies, emotions and belief systems as well as our behaviours and activity patterns. We move in the direction of a life filled with inspiration and meaning… and we take our whole selves along the way!



"EASE" - There will be a workshop in March 2023 to be held in German. I hope to offer other workshops in English soon!


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