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Holistic coaching for inquisitive
(and sometimes skeptical)
souls ready for deep-rooted healing

Find your Zen in a fast-paced world

Tune into

your own frequency 

Find balance between periods of work and rest so safety can plant itself in your being. 


Feel more present in 

your day-to-day life. 

Align your

brain and heart

Overcome patterns of over-intellectualization that may be keeping you stuck and hurting.


Meet yourself with warmth & compassion to reveal the answers you seek. 


peace and purpose

Rediscover your true feelings and deep desires buried under external expectations. 


Take aligned action 

and love who you are. 

For the super efficient, sharp-minded, 

yet struggling: Busy isn’t always better 

In a world where self-worth is often tied to productivity, most of us are under enormous pressure to do, be, and have it all together.  (For everyone. At all times.)

Self-actualization and healing become tasks on our to-do lists we race to check off.

We think we’re moving forward.

But really?

We might just be running in place. 


“The work” becomes the thing keeping us stuck.


Busyness separates us from ourselves 

Busyness confuses our direction 

Busyness exhausts our energy

Busyness leaves us feeling lost, ashamed, and overwhelmed 


Are you moving so fast you’ve lost sight of your destination? 

We can walk together to the here and now. So you can take your next step with clarity and intention.

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"For me, every session with Cristina has meant real long-lasting transformation—I am not the same person and I do not exist in the “same place” after working with her. Rather, I evolve significantly."

Maia Sherwood

Your nervous system will feel naturally calmer when you shift from “what’s next?” to “what is now?”

Here are some ways we can work together to make that transition: 

1:1 Coaching 

3-month Personalized Program 

of Guided Rest


Let go of the questions, ruminations, and behavior patterns dragging you down to the depths of overwhelm so you can slide into a more peaceful and expanded way of being.

In hour-long sessions that make space for every aspect of your being, you’ll cultivate your own personal zen—finding peace in the present without reopening painful wounds from your past.


The work doesn’t have to be hard to work. And healing doesn't have to hurt.


Recover from feelings of burnout, chronic stress, and generalized overwhelm through three months of guided self-inquiry and emotional co-regulation. You’ll get the support and resources you need to welcome inner harmony while enjoying the process.

So you can move smoothly from a state of agitation to peace—and from suffering to deep, lasting harmony.

Gently integrate rest & recovery practices into your daily life with this 30-days donation-based program delivered by email or instant messaging.


Daily 8 minutes voice notes will help you drop into a slower pace of living. So you can quiet the noise and make calm a stable feature of your being.


Start Small

Slip into 15 minutes of deep rest with this free step-by-step guide

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