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Do The Work & Do The Rest

Hi! I am Cristina Bonnet. I am an integral coach and offer personalized sessions that combine attuned support, inquiry, and deep restorative rest. 


I have spent much of my time in the last 20 years studying and practicing mindfulness and contemplative meditation, as well as modern forms of self-inquiry like The Work of Byron Katie and Psychotherapy.

I am interested in finding ways to transform lifestyles filled with constant busyness and overwhelm, and of the beliefs and emotions that keep those lifestyles in place. My practice offers support and methods to access simplicity and ease in daily life.

The sessions I offer are geared to set in motion a process for unwinding the nervous system so that it has a chance to find its intrinsic wiring towards ease and intentionality. The current pace of most modern societies has put many of us in high-alert, regularly putting our systems through more input than we can process.

My work with clients focuses on offering experiential pathways to release and disentangle our overwhelmed systems and to provide on-the-ground practical tools to establish and maintain a lifestyle that includes ease and our most authentic aspirations. In my experience, this involves engaging with the deep work of inquiry and the deep rest of integration. 

I am originally from Puerto Rico, and have made my way to living in Vienna, Austria for the last 12 years via studying in California and London, backpacking in India and Southeast Asia, and chasing special nature spots along the way. I have a Masters Degree in Buddhist Studies and I am finalizing my degree in Psychotherapy.

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